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This ongoing body of work is entitled Evidence of my History. It is a collection of portraits, mixed media pieces, and scenarios that each relate to different parts of my memories and tie back to the Dominican Republic and my culture. Evidence of My History is a way to embrace my family and experiences and have a physical representation of who and what has made me who I am. This work is for my family who’s being portrayed here and those who feel a connection to them but it is also for viewers to learn, question, and bring awareness to Dominican culture. 

The blend of mediums such as pastels, charcoal, and paint are used to bring dimension and depth to the pieces visually and this mixing of media relates to the complexity of the history of the Dominican Republic. The vibrancy of the colors throughout the pieces speaks to the energetic and striking nature of the personality of the country as a whole. In this body of work I am interested in communicating with my viewer in different ways; whether it be familiarity and comfort, introduction to something new, or even feelings of discomfort to facilitate growth.

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